Welcome in the Land of Smile! A Love for Asia, Thailand, Chiang Dao and the tradition

Capturing Magic Through The Lens

I’ve always had a love for awesome photography and traveling, since my step-father took me along on photo shoots as a young child and abroad every year. The way he could capture a special moment, beautiful landscape or someone’s personality on paper always seemed a little bit like magic.

Most of the pictures, comments or articles on sea.main-ews.com and other main-ews.com sites will be based on Chiang Dao area, 70kms North of Chiang Mai in Thailand where I live now. Please visit these pages for more on Chiang Dao:

The Chiang Dao Caves

A few peculiar temples in Chiang Dao

Authentic markets in Chiang Dao

Hotsprings in Chiang Dao

Hiking up the second mountain in Thailand

A few loops in the region

Sharing our experiences

We will also share our experiences on the surroundings of Chiang Dao, Chiang mai, Northern Thailand called Lanna ล้านนา (meaning the million rice fields) and Thailand because it’s the region we’ve chosen to live for the past 14 years. Welcome in the Land of Smiles, a Love for Asia, Thailand, and Chiang Dao!

Soon, we will also share our trips in SE Asian countries like Laos, Myanmar and Hong-Kong in China

Chiang Dao Main Road
Chiang Dao Main Road


Wat Pha Phlong in Chiang Dao
Wat Pha Phlong in Chiang Dao


Lanna Discovery Tours

About sharing places we love…


The best way to discover a new area without preparation, is to rent a motorbike, you can easily stop at will, alone or with friends, armed with a camera, a GPS, some water, start the new experience. This way, you don’t really know where you are going, but leave it to intuition or whatever will guide you through the trip(s).

We’ve found out this way can be very exciting with plenty of new experiences but, one can get very close to a place of interest and miss it, due to lack of information.

Trip’s Tips

To avoid this, we encourage visitors to follow a few loops we’ve organized in a way that will allow to get the maximum on minimum days trips. We’ve done these tours with friends and professionally in the past, we selected places we’ve been to, but there are many other places, you are welcome to let us know about your experiences. We always enjoy to know about new places, adventures..

These trips or loops contain places to stay for the nights, kilometers per days and of course the places you should not miss while in the Lanna region (Northern Thailand) meaning the million rice fields. Lan being a million and Na rice-field written in Thai: ล้านนา.

From Chiang Dao

We would recommend starting any tour from Chiang Dao, because that’s the place where all gets organized, where if needed we will be able to help you on a face to face basis. And because Chiang Dao is the place we’d love you to know better.

The Real Land of Smile

Lost Your Smile? Get it Back!


Chiang Mai province and Chiang Dao are still the places in Thailand where the old traditions, culture and manners are strongly surviving. Hopefully not only in Northern Thailand, these survive, and Thailand is a great destination, safe if one keeps sensible, welcoming unconditionally, The Land of Smile by excellence. As a tourist, an expat or visitor for business or else, it’s important to remember that you are visiting a foreign country. Thai citizens will most generally welcome you with open arms, and the more you will try to learn about the country, its inhabitants, culture and all, the more you’ll find locals supporting you in your quests. In Rome behave as Romans do. If in certain areas of Thailand, these virtues seem to disappear, adults and teenagers alike, women and men are proud to perpetuate their traditions, their welcoming and rites.


Whatever is happening in a Thai person’s life whether it’s very good or very bad, they will not generally show or talk about it and will smile. Most of the time, Thai people inhibit their feelings, avoid confrontation and simply smile with the famous saying “mai pen lrai” ไม่เป็นไร meaning “never mind”. It doesn’t mean they have no problems, sorrows or pain, they are able to keep happy, whatever the consequences, this is an insight of the Thai Buddhist philosophy.


For years and decades, Thai inhabitants have accepted and respected foreigners until they’ve been deceived or disappointed by the behavior of some. Just like in any other place in the world, the vast majority accept and welcome foreigners or migrants, while a minority will find reasons for their anger or hatred to point to others, just like it happens in Western countries. While most of foreign behavior is accepted, some is more difficult to forgive.


Thai people are certainly good at closing their eyes on weird foreign behaviors because they are tolerant and forgiving, it doesn’t mean they appreciate or accept these behaviors. Many times a way to handle difficult situations for them will be to talk about it openly. That can hurt, and that may be the reason why many foreigners speaking and understanding the Thai language will feel insulted. I personally like to compare it to an indirect sarcastic humor that can be bothering at times (pressing some buttons).

If you come here on holidays for a short trip or longer, behaving the way the Thai citizens expect us to behave will help, considering that the general esteem for the foreigner is quite high, until broken.


Thailand is the Land of Smile, most Thais will smile, it doesn’t mean they don’t have problems or issues, it’s just that for Thais a smiling appearance is nicer than else and against all odds they’d rather be happy.


Songkhran Festival Thai Happy New Year
Songkhran Festival Thai Happy New Year
Songkhran Festival Thai Happy New Year
Songkhran Festival Thai Happy New Year